Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy defines how our services are secure and beneficial for our customers. The policy has been arranged to inform the customers about the information they have to provide and how we keep that information under security. Kindly read the policy thoroughly and contact us in case you have any ambiguity about any point mentioned here.

We hold all the rights to change old points or add new ones to our policy. To avoid any misunderstanding, you are advised to visit our privacy policy every once in a while.

  • For the smooth flow of our services and to maintain our database, we need your information. You will have to provide your contact information such as name, email ID, and contact number. We want to avoid fake accounts and fake order placement and your information plays a crucial role while doing so.
  • Our website uses cookies that keep a check on your activities on our website. The pages you click, your login credentials and your order delivery are under the track of our cookies. You need not worry as we do not monitor your any other online activity. In case you want to deactivate this feature, you can do so from your browser’s settings.
  • We never share your information or data with third-party users or any other clients. We only permit certain personnel from our sales and support department and quality assurance department to access this information.
  • We certainly do not entertain children. Our website is designed to serve customers above age 13, entrepreneurs and professionals. In case any underage individual contacts us, we refrain from providing the service related details.
  • You may come across some advertisements on our site. Be careful when clicking on these links because they might take you away from the secure confinements of our website.

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